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A Trumpet and a Feather

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A Trumpet and a Feather

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The author:
Lorenzo Fonda is an award winning filmmaker and artist. He grew up skateboarding, watching japanese cartoons and playing videogames. After spending one year at the prestigious FABRICA residency he embarked in his first feature documentary project, Megunica, about street artist and animator Blu. The movie went on to win multiple awards at film festivals all over the world. Subsequently he moved to Los Angeles where he honed his skills at directing commercials, music videos and short films for renowned brands and bands. His second feature project is the documentary Archaeology of the future, which he shot between Sicily and California and which it's currently in post-production. At the end of 2013 he moved to New York City, where he currently lives and works. All along his life Lorenzo has never stopped being obsessed by comics, voraciously consuming ones done by others or drawing them himself in his free time. More

The book: A seemingly forlorn man (Nicolas) is sitting by himself in a Parisian cafe. A beautiful and confident woman (Cécile) asks him for a cigarette, and soon it turns out they have more in common than just the pleasure of smoking.
180 pages
15 × 22 cm
Offset print
Edition of 150, 2014.